Metadata – Data About Data

Metadata – Data About Data

23 May 2018
Meta what? Well simply put it is data about data. The main purpose of metadata is to facilitate in the discovery of relevant information also known as resource recovery.

Let’s use the library filing system as an analogy. Who’s the author, title, category, subject?

Well metadata is simply descriptive and structural data on your data.

Descriptive Metadata

Individual instances of data content of application data.

Structural Metadata

Think of the data structure as a container for the data. The style of the container requires specifications and then it needs to be designed.

Metadata also helps provide digital identification (location information) and organize electronic resources by relevant criteria and distinguishing similar and dissimilar resources.

So metadata is the data providing one more characteristics of the data. Location of where it stored, standards used, author, time and date, purpose and means of creation.

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