Service And Pricing

Level 1 recoveries can result in more data retrieved than the size of the media brought in
Ex: If datapros recovers 600 GB of data from a 500 GB hard drive the destination drive will be larger than the 500 GB hard drive brought in.

datapros is not able to quote recovery pricing without performing a lab diagnostic on the device.
Check starting prices below.

Single HARD DRIVES ONLY: RAIDS, NAS, etc. NOT included. (Pricing until further notice)

Lab diagnostics, if not a RUSH, will be completed within a 1 to 3 day period:

1.Your diagnostic fee is $49.00 for any size single hard drive

EMERGENCY or same day Lab Diagnostic Fee $200.00 any size single hard drive + GST
RAID rebuilding, not including temporary hard drive repairs $300.00 per hour in 10 hour blocks to start.

Starting Process:

In-depth lab analysis to determine logical and/or physical repairs required.

1. Determine the cause of failure 2. Build a data recovery quote 3. Email the data recovery quote to the customer for approval

Starting Process:

Level 1. Straight to Recovery

Level 2. Physical external repairs to device, then Recovery ***

Level 3. Physical internal repairs to device, then Recovery ***

– Head replacement

– Motor replacement

– Damaged Platter repair

*** Levels 2 & 3 may incur additional costs. The customer will be provided with an update of media damage and a written estimate for repairs. The customer must approve the quote before work commences.

Lab diagnostic fees below are NON RUSH – Level 1: Logical: non-physical types of failures

  • Lab Diagnostic Fee
  • Per Hard Drive ($49.00)
  • Per Raid drive ($99.00)
  • Per USB stick ($25.00)

    Per SD card

  • iPhone/Android ($59.00 each)
  • Data Recovery Pricing
  • Straight to recovery from $250.00
  • RAID logical structure rebuilding then recovery data only from $250.00 per drive
  • Straight to recovery from $175.00.
  • Unlocked & passwords must work. BRING the charger/USB cords. Straight to recovery from $290.00
Level 1 deals with logical failure types that are non-physical. Logical errors can range from a simple invalid entry in a file allocation table to more serious problems like corruption and loss of file system on a severely fragmented drive. The difference of logical errors from mechanical or electronic error is there is nothing wrong physically with the drive, but just the information on it. Attempting to run a fix utility might make recoverable data difficult to recover. Leave this to a specialist.
Lab diagnostic fees below are NON RUSH – Level 2: External repairs, bad sectors, etc.

  • Lab Diagnostic Fee


  • Per Hard Drive ($49.00)

    External repair then recovery from $450.00 per drive

  • Per Raid Drive ($99.00)

    Controller card/bad sectors then data only recovery from $450.00 per drive

  • Per USB stick & SD Card ($25.00)

    Controller card/bad sectors then data only recovery from $450.00 per drive

    Phones Levels 1 & 3

Level 2 deals with electronic failure and bad sectors. This involves damage to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) of the hard disk. The PCB controls, coordinates and communicates to the computer to read and write data. Electric surges and power spikes can lead to PCB damage. There is also firmware corruption. This is the code that controls the physical hard drive hardware. Your computer will often be unable to correctly interact with the hard disk.
Lab diagnostic fees below are NON RUSH – Level 3: Internal repairs required before recovery

  • Lab Diagnostic Fee


  • Hard Drive – ($49.00)

    Internal repair (parts not included) then recovery from $790.00

  • Per Raid Drive ($99.00)

    Internal repair (parts not included) then data only recovery from $790.00 per drive

  • USB Stick ($25.00) SD Card

    Forensic acquisition from $550.00

  • iPhone 4S and older


    Phones must be unlocked previously and a Non-Refundable 10 % deposit High end Android/Apple phones (usually the last 3 -4 models out) cannot be recovered as the industry algorithms are not developed yet. Hang onto the device. Forensic acquisition from $690.00 Non-Refundable 10 % deposit

Level 3 deals with physical failures that are mechanical in nature. The read and write heads of your hard disk can become defective without prior warning.When an internal component goes faulty, your data in your hard disk will become inaccessible. Opening up a hard drive requires a clean room environment to prevent contamination to the internal components. The drive will be disassembled and repaired and then the data recovered.