Crash!!! – Not backing up can result in data loss at the worst time

Crash!!! – Not backing up can result in data loss at the worst time

23 May 2018
Yup. I said it. The dreaded hard drive crash. Been there done that.

Everyone backs up their data. False!!!

Let’s face it. There is never enough time in a day and unless you have hired someone to manage the data backup of your company or personal systems it’s not going to happen on a regular basis.

As time goes by it becomes easier and easier to put it off one more day, week, month…..

Who knows if and when your hard drive will crash? Sometimes there are signs and sometimes not. I wish this on no one, but we’re so busy with life that something has to be pushed to the back burner.

For some the loss of data is no big deal, but for others it can mean a loss of family photos, personal records, business records and so on.

Should your system crash and no longer boot up there are options.
– Format and install the operating system. There is the chance of losing some files.
– Replace the hard drive and install the operating system
– Call a friend

For those who must get their data back I recommend data recovery services. We use specialized hardware designed specifically for data recovery. There are software packages. Some work, some don’t, but this is another blog buzz for later.

I know the costs for data recovery can seem expensive, but you have to look at the value of the services. Retrieving priceless photos, personal or business records will make the costs seem negligible. Can you imagine losing one day of business records? So what happens come tax time? You see where I’m going. Look at the bigger picture.

Untill next time from Data Buzz

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