Why is my hard drive not booting?

Why is my hard drive not booting?

23 May 2018
Hardware doesn’t last forever. A malfunction or complete failure occurs no matter how diligent one is at looking after one’s computer or server.

Physical Hard Drive Failure:

– the power delivery system
Should this fail during a booting or shutdown sequence or while your system is in use, can lead to file corruption. This is a good example of a physical and a logical failure.

– the circuit board
The system cannot read any data thus your system will not boot.

– the motor/bearings
No motor working the no spinning platters thus your system cannot boot. Bad bearings. Yikes!!! If you hear odd noises from the hard drive shut your system down and get your datatransferred and the hard drive replaced.

– the drive heads
They move above the platters converting magnetic field into electric current which is the read process. The reverse is for write. If a head touches a platter it can mean catastrophicfailure.

Logical Hard Drive Failure:

– a simple invalid entry in a file allocation table
While the drive itself is good the files do not load up right or the meta-data describing where the files are stored is not consistent.

– loss of the file system on a severely fragmented drive
So think of the hard drive as a book with a missing page or pages. For a hard drive this could mean it is missing crucial data required to boot successfully.

– data on the drive is corrupt
Power outages or other power related problems can corrupt the data. Improper shutdowns, hardware problems such as bad memory, bad sectors and even hard drive failures contribute.

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